Felton International Therapy, Training & Education, and Therapeutic Coaching Programs 

Online Workshops, Seminars, Speaking Engagements

Online Workshops and Support Groups Available for Parents and Family Members 

Workshops are available in person or online and will include book excerpts, handouts, and attendees participation. Workshops can be beneficial to parents and professionals wanting to learn more about The Color of Me Movement and how to implement the Color Ring in their lives or company's practice.  

Online Therapeutic Coaching 

Therapeutic Coaching for those wanting to live their lives to the fullest, struggling with imposter syndrome, feeling anxious and overwhelmed because good things are happening to you, seeking support for not always feeling confident, and in a position of power in which you feel less deserving, Dr. Nicole' can assist you in coming out of your shell and learning to live your best life. 

Online Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements include but are not limited to Universities, Corporations, Behavior Health Centers, Large or Small mental health focus groups for professionals, Specialized Behavioral Health Centers. and Hospitals that focuses on treating children with behavior and emotional health issues