Felton International Therapy, Training & Education, and Therapeutic Coaching Programs 

Therapeutic Coaching

Dr. Nicole' Felton, Ph.D., CTC, CPC, CVDC. is our Therapeutic Coach. Her coaching techniques are therapeutic, goal-directed, and action-oriented working with executives, professionals, and paraprofessionals from all over the world. Appointments are available weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly as your individualized program directs.

"As a professional therapeutic coach, I truly feel being an expat is an opportunity of a lifetime. One that is to be embraced and looked upon as a way of moving forward in life, fulfilling dreams beyond your imagination and being a part of positive change-- in yours as well as another's life."  

What is Therapeutic Coaching?

A Therapeutic coach integrates coaching and therapeutic techniques in a productive framework by being able to understand cognitive behavioral therapy, uses researched methods and techniques in a therapeutic manner, and embraces the essential needs of understanding thoughts, behaviors, and feelings through the coaching process.

Therapeutic coaches help you within the areas of their expertise to include emotional and behavior issues, anxiety, depression, relaxation, build confidence, self esteem, and can be effective in your family/work life balance. 

Your Growth

My professional coaching services are about being true to yourself by being real and living your life on another level. You are able to explore internal sought-after possibilities from your very core and strip away layers upon layers of distress, anger, frustration, self-deceit, fear, the impostor syndrome, self-fulfilling prophecies, and internal fear. You will learn to be you without your masks and redevelop your enrichment of life by living in a manner that is truly your own identification. I am focused on providing exemplary therapeutic coaching services with the highest level of

client satisfaction.

I can help you develop the tools you need to move forward in finding the whole and true you. This form of coaching will give more direct support enabling individuals to reach their goals by being a collaborator and empowering you to find better focus and obtain a sustainable drive. 

Some of my specialties include but are not limited to: Therapeutic Coaching ~ Expat Coaching~ Executive Coaching~ Transitional Coaching (Parenting and Co-Parenting~ Trauma Coaching ~  Military Development & Transitional Coaching ~Bereavement/Grief Support Groups ~ Speaking Engagements ~ Training and Certifications ~Publications ~ Consultation

Executive Coaching for Professionals 

Having had the distinct opportunity to work with mental health treatment professionals, lawyers, doctors, nurses, executives, professionals, and paraprofessionals with a goal to launch their careers forward I can help you take your career to the next level. If you feel you are limited by your current situation now is the time to devise a new plan that will help you achieve your goals.

Transitional Therapeutic Coaching for Families, Individuals, Groups,

and Couples

Transitional Coaching is meaningful to those who are at a crossroads in some form and need therapeutic coaching to help them move towards their ultimate goal. This program includes Transgender, Domestic Violence, and Emotions from forms of vicarious trauma, Parenting and Co-Parenting, Trauma, Anger Management, and Pre-Marital Coaching. At some point we come to realize that no matter how wonderful our career is going, how much money we are making, or how successful we feel we are.....it is our relationships that gives us meaning and purpose. Whether it's a romantic relationship, family or a friendship, it's the heart of the emotion involved with them that encourages us keep going to find happiness, feel peace, and be certain of our future. Take the time to truly measure your relationships, determine what you want out of life, and hold on to those who are dear to you. With those significant changes being made in your life, you also have to let go of those who have caused you emotional pain and harm. Take this opportunity to grow your personal and interpersonal relationships at home or at work through relationship coaching.

Email [email protected] to learn about additional transitional services. 

Disordered Eating and Pre and Post Bariatric Therapeutic Coaching 

Disordered Eating and Pre and Post Bariatric Support is offered through our therapeutic coaching program. We will assist you in creating extraordinary results in your life as you work to implement positive change in your recovery process. Professionals often neglect themselves while they are helping others. Now is the time to take charge of your life and learn how not to be overwhelmed by doing what you love. You can be free. 

Military Development and Transitional Coaching

The transition period for officers and enlisted alike can be overwhelming and for some debilitating. This is an opportunity to take your expertise, leadership skills, and goals on a different path. As a former Marine I can provide you the expertise you need to help you transition to civilian life and maximize the educational and financial benefits of your military training.

Expat Coaching

Some of us become expats because we relocate and transfer jobs to support our family members while others want to explore a different culture on a more personal or professional level. Whatever the reason it is important that you are able to share your fears and frustrations in order to embrace the joys that accompany the experience of living abroad. Expat coaching will assist you in working through your transition while finding the ability to embrace the new and wonderful experiences that await you.