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Therapeutic Coaching Certification

Our Therapeutic Coaching Certification Program was created for those looking to expand who they are now and who they plan to be in the future. We use theoretical development from life coaching, learning how to be in the moment, ethics, and social psychological perspectives teaching coaches how to find their WHY and helping others find a way to a healthier lifestyle. Our programs help professionals and executives, individuals, and corporations be their best. 

Dates: Ongoing Certifications will be completed fully online through Felton International Therapeutic Coaching Academy

Location: Online 

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What to Expect 

  • Attend and complete all 16 sessions
  • 16 Different topics will be completed before moving on the next week 
  • Find your niche
  • Support with your business plan
  • Complete weekly homework assignments (posted within course content)
  • Meet with the instructor weekly to help clarify and navigate the course 
  • Certificate of Completion (PDF sent via email or hard copy requested if needing a wet signature)
  • Attendance Records 

16 Weeks Certification Schedule 

Week 1: Introduction to Therapeutic Coaching 

Week 2: Developing a Therapeutic Coaching Framework

Week 3: Applying Your Structural Framework

Week 4: Introduction to the Behavioral Model of Therapeutic Coaching 

Week 5: Using the Behavioral Model Effectively in Therapeutic Coaching 

Week 6: Working with Diverse Populations 

Week 7: Understanding the CBT in Therapeutic Coaching 

Week 8: Demonstrate CBT in Therapeutic Coaching 

Week 9: Learning When to Refer Clients to Therapy: Avoiding Blurred Lines 

Week 10:  Understanding Therapeutic Coaching and Its Correlation to Therapy 

Week 11: "Coaching the Coach" Identifying Your Ideal Client

Week 12: Begin Your Internship: Face to Face: Let's Get to Work

Week 13: Developing Your Niche/ Managing Progress and Accountability  

Week 14: Writing Your Coaching Plan/Understanding Your Code of Ethics 

Week 15: Giving and Receiving Feedback Effectively/ Set-Up Externship

Week 16: Final Exam/Certification


What our clients are saying

Become a Life Coach has been a tremendous asset to my life. Becoming a Therapeutic Life Coach has taken my lifestyle and business to the next level.