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FTC LLC provides online Therapeutic and Executive life coaching across the globe. We have a significant number of clients located in Saudi Arabia, Italy, France, Germany, Canada, and the United States. We offer:

 Therapeutic Coaching 

Bariatric Screenings 

Pre-and Post Bariatric Therapeutic Coaching 

Certified Therapeutic Coaching Certifications 

Color Psychology Support for Families (TCOMM)

Book Editing, Publishing, and Support 


Therapeutic Coaching Certification

Sign up for our Therapeutic Coaching Certification Course at https://ftcprograms.teachable.com. It is 16 weeks of training and 6 months of supervision and support while you build your new brand, develop strategies, and find your way to independence. 

FTC offers therapeutic coaching to professionals, executives, military, professionals, and paraprofessionals who are ready to take their careers to the next level. Contact us for additional information: [email protected]

FTC will be adding additional training and certification courses throughout the year. 

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TCOMM Books and Training Aides

Children are our greatest gifts. They struggle to maintain stability in their lives even when the balance of work, play, and family is in their favor. For those who struggle with behavior and emotional challenges, life can be overwhelming. The Color of Me Movement (TCOMM) was developed to provide parents, caregivers, professionals, and individuals a baseline to help families gain a sense of control in their lives through the

use of color.

This series of books was designed to be used in sets by professionals, parents, and caregivers as partners to help children be their best selves.

Please see some of our past videos to learn more. (link externally..Pinterest).  

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Dani's Garden


Disordered eating is extremely dangerous. It is often on the spectrum between what is considered normal eating and an eating disorder and often included some symptoms that are similar to an eating disorder but less infrequent and less severe. It can include irregular patterns of eating, restrictive eating, constant dieting such as fasting, binge eating, avoiding certain foods, self-induced vomiting, skipping meals, minimizing the number of meal intakes, diet pills, or laxatives. This list is not all-encompassing as there are other factors that can cause a person to struggle with disordered eating. 

Our International Disordered Eating Program, "Dani's Garden" supports those needing Bariatric Screening and Pre-and Post Therapeutic Coaching to help you break free from disordered eating and move forward to a new and healthier you. 

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