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Co-Parenting Coaching Workshop

Co-parent coaching is a valuable training and education workshop for couples and who are either divorced or separated and are struggling in their co-parenting relationship. Co-parenting transitional therapeutic coaching is essentially focused on finding solutions to continuing conflict that might remain from an unhappy marriage or relationship. The emphasis of our workshop is ‘what is in the best interest of the child(ren)’. Parents learn to move forward from adversaries to each other to advocates for their children. 

Dates: Ongoing workshops can be completed fully online through Felton International Therapeutic Coaching Academy

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Location: Online 

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What to Expect

  • Attend and complete all 12 sessions  
  • 12 Week Handbook included in the workshop 
  • Complete weekly homework assignments (posted within course content)
  • Certificate of Completion (PDF sent via email) 
  • Attendance Records 

The Co-parenting workshop focuses on developing strong co-parenting skills. Parents will develop skills to help them navigate through the hostility and conflict that occur around communication with the other co-parent, scheduling, school activities, holidays, decision making, and new partners, as well as other topics. All participants will be given a workbook to complete throughout the workshop:


I will respect the other parent’s autonomy with the children.

I will use the “on-duty/off-duty” parent concept.

I will follow the model of a business relationship when dealing with each other.

I acknowledge and respect the importance of the other parent’s relationship with the children.

I will not assume anything; give the benefit of the doubt.

I will Communicate about the children using effective communication tools.

I will make containing the conflict a top priority.

* Adapted from: Divorce & New Beginnings, Genevieve Clapp, Ph.D., 2000


  • Separate parenting issues from spousal issues
  • Create clear boundaries for new co-parenting relationships.
  • Disengage from areas except parenting.
  • Monitor your own thinking
  • Redefine the relationship in your mind.
  • Compartmentalize the present parenting role from the spousal role
  • Think and talk to the other parent all areas except parenting
  • Think and talk about the other parent as a co-parent


Week 1: Family Dynamics

Week 2: Impact on Family Structure

Week 3: Avoid Common Mistakes

Week 4: The Alienated Child

Week 5: The Alienated Parent

Week 6: Co-Parent Mediation

Week 7: Designing a Parenting Planner

Week 8: New Relationships/Blended Families

Week 9: Absentee and Long Distance Parenting

Week 10: Vicarious Trauma and Long-Distance Parenting

Week 11: Becoming Friends

Week 12: A New Beginning-Closure 

Dates: Open Enrollment Courses are ongoing 

Military and Military affiliated 15% discount available

Location: 100% Online 

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